The Hart/Lamb/Cash Family

Grandma and Grandpa needed some photos of them with their cute and lively group of grandchildren! There's Jackson, Carson, Hunter and little Ava. You definitely have to eat your Wheaties to keep up with all these little ones! My favorites from the session are the ones where they are getting to just be themselves and show off all that personality!

Love the next one on the right...check Hunter out! :)

I work with Jackson's mom and he's in kindergarten at our school, such a funny, cute little guy! I think maybe during the session, he heard jokes that nobody else quite "got." Too funny!


His little brother Carson:

Their cousin Hunter:

and his little sister Ava:

I've saved all my favorites for last this time...I think this next one might be my VERY fav. from the session! I think these photos are the reasons people should come to us as opposed to a studio inside a store of some kind...they might get all the cheesy smiles, but would they have the opportunity to get these kinds of interactions? These are REAL moments frozen in time and I love that.

The Walker Family

Mandy is the Mom of Tyler and Brady---a former student/a current student! :) Big brother Tyler has moved on up to the middle school and Brady is still with us, in 3rd grade.

We LOVED that Mandy let us choose the location and was up for anything! She said they would go for pretty much any scenery/background that we wanted and trusted that we'd pick somewhere super-duper awesome! ;) We picked a place that we've seen some other photographers use and had a lot of fun exploring all the new possibilities for photos. Everyone did a great job and Brady was all about helping us pick some areas. It was fun being able to get some traditional shots for them, along with some artsy architectural type things as well!

They should start a rock band and this next one could be a CD cover! :)

I don't know exactly what kind of building this metal thing was, so I just call it the "metal thingy" to be real serious and technical. ;) Brady and I LOVED it!

This next might be my very fav. of all the whole family!

We had fun with you guys, hope you love your pictures.

Hawkins Family

Brodie and Colt have had their pictures made with us before but this is Mom and Dad's first time being part of the session as well...and LUCKY for Dad, Mom decided that everyone would wear pjs for part of this session! WE LOVE IT! Poor guy had to leave the hunting club with his buddies to come dress up in pjs for the GUY world, that is serious cause for getting picked on! :) I didn't even THINK about putting them on facebook and tagging them for all his buddies to see until he gave me the wonderful I had to race home and "friend" him for when these were ready. ;) Christy must have had to do some serious bribing or Jason was had a crazy debt to pay off!

I think years down the road, Christy and Jason's boys will cherish having these photos of them with their Mom and Dad...and I'm willing to bet Jason is already glad he participated!

Brodie was very cooperative this time, so we got more pictures of him alone...Colt was having too much fun exploring a new place to slow down for picture taking.

The Green/Franks Family

We could call them the Green! I think we had some of those in our school cafeteria once, eek! :) A favorite amongst MonkeyBean fans, Mr. Adorable himself, Cooper--also known as Coopie, Coop, Coopie-Doop, etc...decided his family needed to get some MonkeyBean love as well, so he gave us his permission to take a few photos of them as a family. Here are a few of those!

That's Coop's Aunt Amanda, his cousins Shelley and Jessie, his grandparents on Dad's side and of course his Mom and Dad!

Jessie has the most beautiful eyes!

Shelley's getting just a little squished!

Kim And Her Crew

We were excited when Kim contacted us about a family session....she was excited about our work and enthusiastic about having a session with us. We were thinking family session, three or four people, no problemo! That's when Kim gave us the low-down, 21...yes 21 people were going to be having their picture made together. At the same time. All in one photo. You get the idea. :) I had a few sleepless nights wondering how in the world we were going to pull it off, how could we pose them and even fit them all into a decent looking picture? But I think we pulled it off!

You guys were a really nice, fun crew to work with and we hope you enjoy your pictures!

The next one is a very favorite because Nikki was such a sport to try out the "Friends" pose!

They will be shocked that I got this next one!

And two of my favorite REAL kid moments of the session:
This is what Joey thought of us that day!

The Patton/Brown Family

Later in the day after Sadie's home session, we met up with the Pattons and Browns for a family session at Indian Springs. Never have we had a family that was cool enough to roll up in their very own rock star RV! :)Yep, they are too cool for school--it was even equipped with bbq sandwiches. They are just the sweetest family to hang out with...surely they love us as much----we probably even got added to the Christmas card list! LOL!

I wonder if that's the joke I made for this next picture for the great laughs, because whatever material it was I would love to use it again. :)

It took Sadie a minute, but she got the joke too!

Four generations of sweetness:

Do they let her watch Austin Powers? If it were her pinky finger, she'd totally be bustin' a Dr. Evil!

Shhhh...don't tell anybody, but these next sweeties were our favs!

And my very favorite from the day because it's a happy incidental...I don't call it an accident---because the shutter wasn't pressed by accident! :) But I love that none of it happened on cue---Lindsay and David's Dad are looking over at her parents walking up to the rock and David and his Mom are both looking at the camera...LOVE IT! These types of pictures are always my favorite from a session.

Thanks for a fun evening you guys...let us know whose house we're meeting at for Christmas! ;)

Meg's Family At Indian Springs

One of our very favorite families wanted a session at Indian Springs recently and we had fun! I was able to catch a few moments that are now my most favorite photos ever because the moments were not posed at all...just candid moments of them being 100% themselves. Those moments have always been more dear to me than set up/posed shots. To me the "lifestyle" type session captures your family better than every single photo having every person staring straight at the camera (usually) forcing a smile. Getting some of those REAL shots for Meg to have to remember her girls and Michael, made me so happy!

Major props go out to Brittany for dressing the family! Look at those colors and how they coordinate without being too matchy! It's totally because she is a radical Art major...not that I'm biased or anything. ;)
We've already established that I make up words right? Don't look up "matchy" in the dictionary, you'll search for a while!)

Those favs I was talking about: I put a slight vintage coloring on some of them! No worries, there's plenty of regular photos and coloring also!

Brittany's boyfriend Michael is hilarious and they are super cute together! He gets the best laughs out of her.

We hope you enjoy these Meg...I've got it all planned out which ones are must haves for the house!! :)