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MonkeyBean Photos is now listed in more places on the web for people to find us...we hope to get new clients that need photographers in Macon Georgia and here in Jackson Georgia as well...of course everything in between would ROCK too! :)

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Don't forget about the little referral competition I mentioned here.

Natalie, April, and Lennye are all tied with two referrals each. :) Unless Erin says Lennye counts as referring her instead of Brooke (who is still deciding when she's going to become a client :)!) If Lennye gets Erin, then she's in the lead with three!

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Do you like a little healthy competition? It can definitely be fun...and we like fun and we LOVE new clients that come from clients that have already had sessions with us...the two biggest compliments are when clients come back for more photos and when they send their friends and family to you because they enjoy what you do and how you treat them!

With that being said:

Referrals have to be direct referrals...meaning you can't claim someone who came to us from someone you sent to us. That would be WAY too confusing to keep up with and we just don't have the time to force out that kind of brain power. :)

If you are a client who made it to us but are not listed on here and want us to add the person who referred you, just let me know and we'll include those as well.

Here's the standings so far:
Lennye referred Katie and April
April sent usBrooke and Christy
Natalie has referred Missy, The Wood Family...and there's one pending.
Sarah sent over her Mom.
Kinsley referred her husband, Nick...yes THE firefighter. :)
Marla has one pending.

So...there's a three way tie going on right now between Lennye, April and Natalie unless the one that's pending for Nat becomes an actual client and then she'll be in the lead!

Lennye if Erin D. is coming to us because of a referral from you, let me know and that will count for you as well.