Addison 11 Days New

A GIRL!!!  MonkeyBean has seen FIVE newborn boys in a row and no girls...until now! :)  Don't get me wrong, the boys have been so super cute---but I've been dying to bust out some pink-ness and frilly hats!  The coolest part is that Addison's mama brought two awesome hats of her own as well--so you know I was stoked.

Addison has the sweetest parents.  I know I say it all the time---but we really have some of the sweetest clients I could ever imagine.  I hope that no mean people ever expect us to take pictures for them, because we are now used to NICE people and enjoy interacting with all of them that entrust us with taking pictures of their sweet babies----the new ones and not so new ones. :)  Really though---if you think of how often you have to put up with mean, rude people...there's just no time for that when there's all these nice people to hang with!

Anyway---that was a tangent---sorry.  Addison's parents also went to Valdosta State and I've concluded that all of us who went there are nice.  ;) That's my hypothesis and I'm sticking to it.  From the first email Nicole sent me, I could tell she was a considerate, easy to be around person and her husband David is just the same. 

Addison is their first baby and I think she is breaking them in really, really well.  Those sweet people are so tired.  They were told by the hospital that Addison is a sassy diva and it was reconfirmed during her photo session.  She is definitely one sassy little lady.  To date, she is the one I had to work the hardest for.  BUT, I think she is completely worth it and know her parents do to!

A pillow from her room...speaking of pink---when Mom, Dad and baby arrived---they brought in more pink items in pink bags I've seen in a while! :)  Too sweet.


Khollen 21 Days New

Little Khollen is our second newborn of 2010 woohoooo!  He sure did give us a run for the money too!  There's somethng about a newborn that is 10 days or younger, they are almost always still in the eat/fall right to sleep mode.  But something happens after 10 days and they can eat and eat and stay wide awake--that's exactly what Khollen did.  The conditions were all perfect---he was full and the house was like Valdosta in July.  Plenty warm!!  He just didn't want to miss any action. 

He lasted through big sister and Dad watching Shrek, the family having a McDonald's snack and the first snow falling.  But I told him I could outlast him...and usually I'm fairly confident about that, but it was getting so close to the end that I was starting to worry.  But right when the session was almost over, he passed right out and I got some shots that I know Mom and Dad will feel are worth the efforts!

Here is what Khollen looked like for about three hours straight...

Now the money shots! :)

His hair was perfect and I couldn't help but SPIKE it!

Tyler 10 Days New

Little Tyler was born weighing only 5lbs...the tiniest little newbie we've had at MBP.  I've read a lot about how the smallest ones are the fiestiest ones and that really is true.  The chunky monkeys go right to sleep and are so full and fat that they just sleep and sleep...easy stuff.  Tyler put up quite the fight, but I think we got some great ones!

Tyler's mom realized that maybe it was actually a little TOO quiet for him during the session because they had already gotten him used to the t.v. and music at their house---so she suggested we play some music and it worked like a charm.  He wasn't a fan of the mellow stuff---but some Notorious B.I.G. worked perfectly.  First newborn session where it was Hip Hop that soothed the baby and not the warm air or milk.  That rocks!  :)



John David 10 Days New

Our very last session of 2009 was perfect...a sweet little newborn nugget! :) John David was born three weeks early and STILL weighed eight lbs nine oz and was twenty-one inches long!! His Mom and I joked that in three more weeks he would have been born as a toddler! :)

He's definitely a BIG boy and so sweet and cute. He barely fussed at me at all during his session and that was only to remind every now and then that I was blocking the warm air coming from the heater I had pointing his way to keep him toasty and sleepy. :) All those cute poses and things he's doing with his arms in these photos---those were his ideas---he's a natural and he certainly liked it better when they were his ideas! :)

Look at that belly...and that was before sucking down a bottle!

This cute pup was one of the first presents given to him.

Mom and Dad are serious Gator fans--so I had fun with the blue and orange!

Two of his mama's blankets when she was little...


PEACE homey and word to ya motha!

Bethany 7 Days New

Traveled up to Atlanta a few days ago to meet and take some pictures of sweet baby girl Bethany. Mom and Dad are friends of ours and this is their very first baby, so it's all very exciting! Because the sex of the baby was going to be a surprise and a fun play off of Mom and Dad's last name, Bethany's nickname while baking in Mom's belly, was "The Brownie." So, we HAD to take this first picture in honor of her cute nickname.

It was a fun afternoon of snuggling, diaper changings and warm newborn goodness....more people need to have more babies, I just can't get enough!

The Brownie known as Bethany!

Cutest thing!!

Serious Cuteness Overload