Pricing & Session Info


Our studio is in Jackson, Georgia, which is 45 minutes south of Atlanta and 45 minutes north of Macon...but we travel too! We have a variety of locations we've specifically chosen for their uniqueness and optimal lighting conditions. You can check these out on our Pinterest page and find one that suits your vibe.

The majority of our newborn sessions are done in our in-home studio, however. If a lifestyle-type newborn session is something you desire, and you have the right lighting in your home for it, we will consider a newborn session in your home. A lifestyle session has less props/less baby-posed-alone shots, with more shots of mom and dad posing with baby in the nursery/master bedroom and/or older siblings interacting with the baby. 

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your session. If there needs to be a reschedule for any reason (rain, sickness, etc.), this deposit will transfer over to your new date...however, if you decide to cancel altogether once you schedule a session with us, the deposit is non-refundable.  This is to ensure that once we have worked with you on setting a date and have reserved that time for just you, you will follow through with that session.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions and to let us know if you need your balance broken down into more than two payments.

We are open to trading services for if you have a need for photos and can't come up with the cash, let us know what you could exchange in place of the money, and we'll try and work something out. There are plenty of things we don't have time to get to these days or don't have the skills to do around the house, i.e., tiling a bathroom floor, landscaping, etc. At this time, we are only bartering landscaping, building, and home improvement-type things.

Not everything has to be cut and dry; we are flexible, easy-going people!


Please contact us for current pricing.