Melissa and Julie have captured everything, from the sweet wrinkles of my newborn to the spunky two-year-old she is today. I am so thankful I have made the investment of photos of my growing girl and so thankful to have such talented people to capture those fleeting moments.

- Nikki S.





We gave Melissa and Julie quite the challenge when we asked them to do an outdoor session with two adults, one sleepy and suspicious toddler, two quirky dogs, and even one kitten (who turned out to be their first session kitty)...and we had gotten caught in a traffic jam and were restless and frenzied when we arrived! They weren't a bit rattled and just allowed the natural flow of things to happen or not happen. And, boy, did we get some amazing, beautiful pictures that really reflected all of our personalities and - most importantly - the love between us all. I'm not a JC Penney-type portrait gal; I want shots of life just happening, and that's their specialty.

MonkeyBean came highly recommended by a mutual friend, and I am so happy that we took our friend's advice and chose them for our session. We will definitely be booking another one when our daughter is a little older...can't wait!

- Jennifer J.


It melts my heart to look back at those special moments that have been immortalized by MonkeyBean. Even when their client is uncooperative, MonkeyBean patiently waits to capture that perfect image. My daughter's pictures are truly priceless; the moments captured are magical. MonkeyBean is uniquely talented at their craft.

- Chastity B.




We found MonkeyBean when my daughter was 18 months old, and now they're our exclusive professional photographer. Their sets are creative, gorgeous, and whimsical. Our photos are natural and comfortable, not posed and staged. As people, they have a wonderful attitude and a great sense of humor. We love MonkeyBean. 

- E. Berner




Our hearts swell with love and joy when we look at our baby's pictures. Julie and Melissa handled our little girl with such sweet tenderness, and you can see the results in the precious photos.

I'm so thankful to have our memories captured by MonkeyBean. Each photograph immediately transports us back to the moment so we can never forget how we felt - beautiful, happy, and loved.

I would never sit down in my wedding dress for just anybody. Every time we see goldenrod along the side of the road, we think of our wedding pictures.

- Christie C.


MonkeyBean has been capturing my family's memories since my daughter was just a few weeks old. I was immediately impressed with their patience and professionalism. Now, several years later, the MonkeyBean girls are not only our photographers but also our friends. Friends whom we don't have photo sessions with but playdates, because they make it seem that fun!

- Laura C.




We are more than happy to make the 4-hour round trip to visit our favorite photographers! We would not trust our memories with anyone else - pure perfection every time!

Seriously, we love you guys, and if I was not as old as dirt, I would have another kid just for your pictures!

- S. Harp




Photography geniuses! Anyone who sees the beautiful pictures created by these girls can see their gift for capturing life as it happens. Several sessions, we thought there was no way to get even one good shot, but of course MonkeyBean always came through! They don't just take pictures; they capture a memory.

- M. Clark


Our experience with MonkeyBean has been awesome! They definitely take the dull and boring out of photo shoots and continue to show creativity at its best. We just can't seem to get enough. MonkeyBean rocks!

- Krista W.